June 17 2019 – Michael Poole

I thank the Tia-o-qui aht, peoples
for allowing me 31 years on this land
to work and play.

Poolesland is within traditional territory, which has been very successfully stewarded by the people for more than 5,000 years.

The ancestors were very capable to live well, within their home lands, for many millennia without destroying their habitat or needing Big Box City stores, nor little box corner stores.

Much more than 80% of the Old Growth forests of Vancouver Island have been destroyed in the recent 60 years, for quick cash.

This foul practice logging and mining continues in every sector of the Earth and within this unceded stolen territory, liquidating nature for plastic dollars and digital crypto~currency, that total zero  when Nature is gone. These numbers could disappear in an instant.

This loss of Nature and Culture is all for nothing, unless that value is used now, to rebuild sustainable systems and skilled, capable, kind culture, that consciously chooses to halt the attack on the Earth.

The land I bought was long ago stolen property. Now that I am ready to share responsibilities of the land, I believe to pay forward half of the present value, to be the change, we hope to see on the Earth.

I purchased 20 acres on October 7th, 1988 for $50,000. Now after 31 years, the 17 acres remaining is valued by the government at 1.2 million dollars. The market value is higher.

I am more interested to do a top-quality job of housing and forest retention of the 90% of the old growth forest that is just the way I found it when I arrived more than 30 years ago.

If we all accept our differences as minor and and work together, the value in peace and happiness can be much more

Concerning land claims a friend and member of a family whose lineage has carved ocean canoes for 5,000 years, once said, as keynote speaker to a room full of people,

“We are all here now.”

These few words helped me open to the idea that these lands were always Community lands and can again be Common lands, that are cared for and stewarded by all.

The future of this 17 acres in Tofino and lands beyond is open to all those who care and are interested to join, in various ways.

I think that it is better that land, especially forested land with salmon streams is not owned by one person.

The more kind people will be better to steward and care. As it was less than 300 years ago, thousands of people may keep forests and streams, according to agreements, similar to those the real people held strongly, as part of nature.

Lands, such as DL 404, has old growth forest adjacent to and continuous with the Ancient Forest of Pacific Rim National Park. All lands with old growth adjacent to protected forests, such as in parks, needs to be bought by Community groups to ensure that the trees and Wildlife can all be protected from abuse.

As a society or a cooperative corporation
we can buy and manage lands and forests, guided by respect of the ethic to care for all life.

May 20 2019 – Michael Poole

Greetings All !   It’s time for a change at Poolesland.   Town Council is withholding action on voting for a Demolition Order against 9 cabins and the kitchen building, none of which have permits, nor are fire safe.  Fines are pending for land uses not in accordance with bylaws for campgrounds.   Thirty years of acceptance has been a fair trade for staff accommodation. There are now 28 people employed at businesses in Tofino and 8 people working at my place to manage for me and all.  This time, I will not write to the newspaper, nor demonstrate in the common green, across from the town hall, as we did in the 1990’s.  I now agree and I accept the order as integral to this necessary transition to achieve transformations.   It is overtime on planet Earth, in the last seconds of play, for each of us to choose a path forward into the future!    I will be 68 in June, 2019, very ready to simplify and move into the next stages of my life. Therefore, I need to get out of the “driver’s seat” in order to grow. Then change will occur, soon and quickly.  I have been like a resistor, or perhaps a capacitor, in the passage of electric energy. A charge has accumulated. It is now time for sparks to move cultural inertia.   The experience has been fun!!    “Poolesland” is a concept: a kind culture, that exists in those who choose peace. This concept can exist and move, anywhere, always with options to practice skills.  In any case of the possible outcomes for the 17 acres in Tofino, the demographic there will definitely change.   Ideas in part C, below, explore options for buying land, outside of the Municipal District. Travelers may continue to arrive, quite freely, yet sign agreements to participate and cooperate, involving a code of conduct.   Future plans for the Tofino property will require skilled, multi-focused and economically capable people.  I hope this newsletter statement will  reach many more than the one million people, who have seen the Vice video, “Anarchist Commune in the Rainforest: Poole’s Land”    Note:  that is a VICE title.   I am a naturalist and a humanist ○mp   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bs24nK5er8&t=6s
  What you see in this video will continue especially now, after legalization, yet the expression of it will be moved out of Tofino. Personal options for healing and growth, with skills, will increase in the new settings.   The million + plus viewers, includes many of the 20,000 people who have visited, lived at my place in Tofino and love it. Their eight million friends and family pals + plus, are welcome to join this initiative.   The world is changing quickly.  Who will help choose our path into the future.   The Tofino 17 Acres seen in the Vice video is for Share. If not enough people are interested, then it will be for Sale.   In any case, with support, we will be buying another location; at least for one of two larger properties that are 73 acres and 160 acres, for sale  for about one million dollars each !!   If there is enough response, we will keep the 17 and eventually buy both of the other lands, where we can have major concerts and super camping with many varied experiences. Surfing, biking, kayaking and please include trekking all or part of the route across Vancouver Island from Long Beach to Cumberland on the east coast of the island.    It is about 100 miles on an East-West route that crosses the walkable, Van Isle mountain range. In a race, the time to Trek can be as little as three to 6 days. In a calm, safe, serious manner, eight  to 12 days would be fun. Of course one could take a year for this lifetime experience, to build Homestead cabins and Teahouse saunas along the way.   There is not much time for response since I need to make a decision by solstice, June 21st.  All hinges on crowdfunding, such as GoFundMe or Kickstarter or other cash flow systems.  I don’t know much about these methods, so I am asking for assistance from interested people, wherever you are in the world.   The funds will go into a trust account, until final decisions can be made, then applied in a timely fashion.   I am in my last days of being in charge of any property.  I want to be part of the team among capable people needed.   Here are some ideas for y’all to consider.   A.  Poole’s Land is FOR SHARE by crowd-funding and secured Investments.   This is my first choice to encourage and support the construction of residential homes, with top quality,  on-site systems of water supply, regional food security, clean power and methane sewage treatment, to halt flushing valuable resources ~ ‘waste’ into the ocean.   If there is a strong response to support  the design of a live~work residential Village as a world-class demonstration project, then I will respond. “Every dollar is a vote”, often more effective and powerful than the ballot.   Choose to VOTE here ! STOP wasting water and flushing into the ocean.   I will register to be a delegation to ask the town counselors if they will vote for a methane sewage treatment system, as part of a demonstration project.    A best plan will involve professionals, demanding avanced building practices, with the best, new quality materials.   My first choice is to sell, to the people who choose this top quality option. I will not be involved if it is “business as usual”, except as a spokesperson for the Salmon stream and Forest.   There are three standing offers of between $1.6 and 2.2 Million.  A decision can be made during June, in about one month.
  The lower offer is from family people who have lived and worked in Tofino for many years. They are typically being squeezed out of Tofino, with it’s tourist town housing market.  《Reference  “Milagro Beanfield War”》   I hope a coalition of kind humans will surface at this time to help the best case scenario evolve. I imagine very wealthy people wanting to see young families thrive and prove an important case for responsible “On Site” living.   There may be a swell of energy flowing forth from ethical “Angel” investors and perhaps equally from thousands of people who may want to visit Tofino and the new Poolesland 2, in the next 8 or more years.   This 17-acre village will need to be built by skilled trades people according to engineered plans. Invested home owners may own and operate the new development as resident managers or as agreed upon. I am happy to be a consultant in any case.   A QUALITY PLAN FOR POOLE’S LAND   In April 2019 I received an invitation from Stephanie and Marcos, graduating students, at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design.
  I journeyed to Vancouver on May 12th, to see and make a video of their Poole’s Land future design plan:  … ” our community living concept for Tofino, at the campus until until June 8th, is displayed among many other interesting projects.   The concepts can be formative in a rezoning plan. The authors have offered to make a presentation to Tofino counselors. We will post their plans in our website.


  MY FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION   Long ago I offered to pay “forward” half of the final “sale price” of Poole’s Land, after capital gain taxes.  I plan to buy containers to store tools, for farming and gardening.  Tools build skills.   Wood and metal-working tools are also required to build cabins and tiny homes, for residents, managers and traveling members on the 17 Acres and on lands we may buy.   After taxes, I plan to dedicate a base foundation of about half a million dollars, $500K.   I imagine that crowdfunding and secured investments, will amount to at least $1 million dollars and perhaps up to $20 million in the next few years to do the best quality demonstration development on the 17 acres in Tofino and/or accomplish some of these plans listed herein.   Each donator may choose, according to their interests, exactly where to direct their flow of energy.   This includes the people who are simply putting in $20 per year for a newsletter, which includes the option to visit and see how plans are proceeding, perchance to camp or cabin.  Staying with us for a weekend to a month or more will be a good “perk” for a donation of $50 to 600, depending upon accommodations.  Concert tickets could be $150 for one year to $800 for eight years with camping and many other kind privileges. Rack it up. … Cause positive changes.!   I am typing up a budget, based on returns  from the 17 acres, to activate a business plan. This will include funds of $800. to $80,000. to initiate or kick start, many local and world projects … IF I see the participation of thousands of people, who also care for and contribute to these goals, then I will proceed.    We can go BIG ! Tofino is on the front page of a global picture.   At best, we may assist to co-create a model that can be applied, as a precedent, to land development applications, that lower carbon emissions and stop dumping waste into the Ocean.   This waste Flushing “practice” has been proved deadly and continues in most bioregions of Earth, impacting us all.     B.  SALE OF POOLE’S LAND   There may not be enough interest in the options of plan A, by mid June 2019.  I will then choose one of the three standing offers, of about $2 million each, perhaps in concert  with an offer, that may be forthcoming, due to this newsletter.    It is possible that there will be an offer that has the intention to continue the concept of Poole’s land as it has been, with upgrades that will meet the bylaws for campgrounds and building code for community buildings.   A blend of offers can make it possible to build a higher-quality village.   Clarification. M. Goodliffe’s has withdrawn his offer to purchase, made in the Vice video. It is not one of the standing offers.
  C.  Buy ANOTHER PROPERTY   Most of the crowdfunding flow can be directed into this option, C !!!   These crowdfunding options will be posted in the website by June 1st and responses will be will be updated weekly, until we I have another land base.  I hope we can move the Poolesland scene, as seen in the VICE video, to another much larger property.   The video depicts a unique peaceful culture of which I am a member.      ○♡◇  … YES …  ◇♡○   I promised to contribute in many ways.  We can buy another property, to grow food in aquaponic greenhouses, for ourselves and the people of Tofino, including the stewards of the 17 acres.   With all their may be enough cash flow, to buy two much larger properties in unique bioregions of Vancouver Island. Come visit ! Camp and Bee in a wonderful west concert~show.   I would like to see a transformation.    NEW LAND BASE   Knowing I will depart, I realized for many reasons, years ago, that a new land base will be needed, to continue in the kind spirit of Poolesland.   I feel there should always be a place for travelers of all ages, to arrive and have a place to explore their lives.   Experience  Learn skills and become stronger in a Trade School of life options.
  This email letter initiates crowd funding.  A friend offered $50K and I have budgeted for $100,000, to help pay a required down payment of $300,000 on the 160-acre land base. 


Let’s proceed strongly with this idea in real time, to bulk UP the down payment to $500,000  and at best, to pay up half of the land cost in June. If this plan is to succeed we will require the response of many people who want to visit, participate, camp and start moving onto the new land. We will move many of the vehicles and structures from Poolesland.   ○♡◇There are so many options. We each need to choose a path.◇♡○     Pacific Ocean Travelers who are
Super Skilled WWOOFFers   ( Willing Workers on Organic Farms  and Forests )   I plan to build cabins on many friends’ lands in unique bioregions all around the Pacific Ocean for the membership of our Travelers’ network.    It is so much fun to be out in the world.  To be responsible and prepare for the future, we need to purchase sailing ships.    See videos of Mike Reynolds, the “Garbage Warrior”.  He also voyaged by sail with his intrepid crew to Sri Lanka, to assist in rebuilding, with free, found objects, after the very destructive Tsunami of 2001.   There are ships sailing now, that teach permaculture skills and cultural knowledge, to prepare the working crew, as they sail across the ocean to World locations in need.   We can too.   With love of kindness m. poole