Michael Poole

Owner of the land, the eco habitat project of Tofino is Michael’s brain child.

Pooles Land Tofino BC Since 1988 Pooles Land Tofino BC Since 1988

History of the Land.


Poole’s Land. A beautiful community in Tofino British Columbia, home to wayward souls, transitory workers, travelers, gardeners, and a host of creatures large and small.

Pooles land is 17 acres of rainforest set off the mackenzie beach rd. Along the pacific rim highway in tofino, british columbia. Established in 1988 by micheal poole, poolesland has been an ever evolving and pioneering effort in community building with new age thought and sustainable living at the core of its values. Raised in a farming family in ontario, micheal poole has continued to work in the field of agriculture, shedding light on new approaches to gardening and farming, and has devoted much time to growing with and within canada’s stunning west coast eco system. At a time when sustainable living, renewable energy, and trying to reduce the harm that we cause to the planet are among the foremost of the international community’s concerns, poolesland’s continued mission is to help to facilitate these changes, while looking for new and creative solutions in every day living situations in the often challenging surroundings of a beautiful moderate rain forest climate. At the heart of pooles mission and vision are the people that inhabit the land and contribute to its continued growth. Over the course of the 3 decades of it’s existence, many have visited and stayed on pooles land to share in the continuing goal of developing sustainable communities that share in the love for mother earth and each other.